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Substance Abuse Help

Help for Problem Drinking and Substance Abuse

If you have received a DUI in Kansas or DWI in Missouri you should at least consider whether the use of alcohol or other substances has become a problem in your life. Certainly, the fact that a person receives a DUI charge does not, in and of itself, mean that a person is an alcoholic or has a drinking problem. However, the occasion of an arrest and charge for a Kansas or Missouri DUI/DWI may provide a good opportunity for some self-reflection and some analysis of how you found yourself in this situation. It may be due to no fault of your own, or it very well may be that alcohol or other issues have led you to make some questionable choices and engage in risky behavior.

Our law firm has assisted an enormous number of people with getting into treatment for alcohol or drug issues. We pride ourselves on this fact and are happy to direct our clients to the appropriate resources for information, education and treatment. Even in cases in which we can successfully defend a Kansas DUI or Missouri DWI, we want to help people live healthier lives and achieve success in all of their endeavors. So, there have been plenty of cases in which we were able to have charges dismissed or which we were able to beat in the courtroom, but our clients still availed themselves of the opportunity to get informed, get evaluated and get treated so that they were better able to avoid issues related to alcohol or chemicals in the future. We refer people on a regular basis to treatment resources and we do it without judgment and without it affecting our representation of our clients. In fact, showing proof that a client has entered into and completed treatment voluntarily has been of great assistance in obtaining favorable resolutions of Kansas and Missouri DUI/DWI cases.

Here are some resources to consider:

Hazelden Treatment Centers Self-Evaluation Quiz:

Michigan Alcohol Screening Test:

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD):

Alcoholics Anonymous:

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors accepted by Johnson County District Court
(For a Kansas DUI in Johnson County or one of its municipalities, you will be required to obtain a substance abuse evaluation from one of these agencies in the event of a diversion or conviction. However, they can also see people on a voluntary basis and make recommendations for treatment, if necessary)

SATOP – Missouri DWI required treatment program:

Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator:

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