DUI Case Results

Kansas DUI Case Results

A number of years ago, Norton Hare decided to post some of the results our law firm has gotten in Kansas DUI or Missouri DWI cases. Frankly, until then, we hadn’t kept very good records. When we won a case, we closed the file and moved on to the next one. But, we have been able to track down some examples of results in Kansas DUI cases, so we thought we would share them. We have the files to back up every one of these claims either in our office or in storage.

These links provide some of the results we have obtained for clients in DUI. This list only includes DUI cases and not any of the results we have obtained in defending other types of cases. Also, this list only includes DUI cases that resulted in dismissals or acquittals and does not include the favorable results we have obtained for clients that involved resolution by plea or diversion. It is extremely important to remember, though, that past performance does not guarantee or predict future result. Every case is different and each must be judged on its own merits. We have included results from 2007 through 2014.

2014 DUI Case Results

2013 DUI Case Results

2012 DUI Case Results

2011 DUI Case Results

2010 DUI Case Results

2009 DUI Case Results

2008 DUI Case Results

2007 DUI Case Results