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Prosecutions for Sleepy Driving Coming Soon

Researchers in Australia claim to have developed a blood test that can determine with a 99% accuracy whether someone has had enough sleep to be able to safely drive. For years it has been claimed that driving while fatigued is just as dangerous as dr

2022 Kansas DUI Case Results

The following are some of the results Jay Norton obtained for clients in DUI cases in 2022. This list only includes DUI cases and not any of the results obtained in defending other types of cases. Also, this list only includes DUI cases that resulted

AverHealth Drug Tests False 30% of the Time

If you are convicted or granted diversion for a DUI in Johnson County, Kansas, there is a good chance that you will get put on what is frequently referred to as the “color code” for random urine tests. It was called the color code because

New DUI Laws Took Effect in Kansas in July 1, 2022

Jay Norton was honored to serve on the DUI Committee of the Kansas Judicial Council which was convened for the purposes of conducting a thorough review of Kansas DUI laws and making recommendations for changes. The committee first met in 2018 and wor

Jay Norton Authors New DUI Book for Lawyers

June 1, 2022, Lawyers and Judges Publishing released “Kansas DUI Defense, The Law and Practice”. This is the manual for lawyers handling DUI cases in Kansas and covers everything an attorney needs to know about Kansas DUI cases. You can f

ETG Testing in Johnson County

If a person gets put on diversion or probation for a DUI in Johnson County District Court, or several of the city courts in Johnson County, they will likely be required to submit to urine testing for all of the common “drugs of abuse”, li

2020 DUI Case Results

2020 was an unusual year, with most of the courts being closed for a significant part of the year. Nevertheless, we got a lot of cases resolved during the pandemic. The following are some of the results we obtained for clients in DUI cases in 2020. T

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