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Driving Under the Influence of Drugs in Kansas

Jay Norton discusses issues related to DUI cases that involve drugs, as opposed to alcohol, including driving under the influence of prescription drugs, drug recognition examinations (DRE) and blood and urine testing for drugs. AI Transcript: 00:00 I

Understanding the Kansas Ignition Interlock Requirements

Here is another video, this one discussing the restriction to ignition interlock device that every DUI conviction or administrative suspension in Kansas requires. AI Transcript: 00:00 Hi, I’m Jay Norton, Kansas DUI attorney, and I want to talk

Typical Timeline in a Kansas DUI Case

Kansas DUI lawyer Jay Norton discusses the typical timeline in a Kansas DUI case, including how long it takes to get through the administrative driver’s license process and when you might have an issue with your driver’s license, how long

Kansas DUI Probation

Kansas DUI attorney Jay Norton discusses probation from a jail sentence for a Kansas DUI conviction, what you have to do while on probation, and what happens if you violate probation. AI Transcript: 0:00 I want to talk to you about probation. If you

Diversion of a Kansas DUI

DUI lawyer Jay Norton discusses diversion of Kansas DUI charges, what disqualifies you from getting diversion, what the program requires and the dismissal of the DUI charge if diversion is successfully completed. AI Transcript: 0:00 I want to talk to

The Kansas Criminal Charge of DUI

Kansas DUI attorney Jay Norton discusses the criminal charge of a DUI in Kansas, the potential penalties and how to approach the defense of a DUI in court. AI Transcript: 0:00 Hi, I’m Jay Norton. I want to talk to you about criminal charges tha

The Kansas Administrative Driver’s License Procedure

This video discusses the administrative driver’s license hearing request process in Kansas DUI cases, the potential penalties for refusing or failing a breath, blood or urine test, and how to apply for a restricted license instead of being susp

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