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COVID-19/DWI Checklanes and Speeding

The Taos, New Mexico Sheriff’s Department set up DUI checklanes recently to not only distribute information about the coronavirus, but also to try to make some DUI arrests. They stopped 500 cars and made 0 DUI arrests. They did distribute pamph

Community Support Groups During Quarantine

For people who use AA/NA or other community support groups to help in their recovery, this is a difficult time. Groups of more than 10 people are banned in most places, and some communities are under shelter orders requiring everyone to stay home. So

Kansas State Courts Shut Down Due to COVID-19

Below is the press release from the Kansas Supreme Court suspending all state court operations, other than essential and emergency hearings due to the coronavirus. So, DUI cases filed in Johnson County District Court, and all of the other counties in

New York Times: Ignition Interlock Dangers

Following a recent article on the problems with evidentiary breath test devices, the New York Times has published an article about the dangers of having a ignition interlock device in a car. Specifically, the article discusses the car wrecks that hav

New York Times: Don’t Trust Breathalyzers

On November 3, 2019, the New York Times published an article in its Sunday edition that was the culmination of many months of research by its writers. The gist of the article, which you can read here, was that breath test machines are not always accu

Olathe DUI Checklane

It has been awhile since I wrote a blog post about a DUI checklane in Kansas City. They don’t happen as often as they did years ago, largely because everyone agrees that they are not very effective. However, the Johnson County Sheriff’s D

Some States Ban DUI Checklanes

It is spring time in Kansas City, which means that it is DUI Checklane season in Kansas and Missouri. Soon, 30 to 40 police officers will gather to set up a way to stop hundreds or thousands of motorists on a weekend night to sniff them out for drink

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