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2018 DUI Case Results

The following are some of the results we have obtained for clients in DUI cases in 2018. This list only includes DUI cases and not any of the results we have obtained in defending other types of cases. Also, this list only includes DUI cases that res

New Kansas DUI Laws Coming in 2018

In February of 2018, I testified in front of the Kansas Senate Judiciary Committee regarding a bill which would make sweeping changes to the DUI laws in Kansas. Among the proposed amendments to the law were criminalizing refusals of breath tests (aga

2017 Kansas DUI Case Results

2017 Kansas DUI Case Results A lot of cases were put on hold awaiting the Kansas Supreme Court to reconsider their 2016 ruling that it was unconstitutional to make it a crime to refuse a test in Kansas. Fortunately, the Supreme Court stuck to their p

Driving Under the Influence of …. Coffee

A man in California was pulled over for “cutting off” an agent of the California Alcohol Beverage Control in August of 2015. That agent developed an opinion, no doubt using his extensive training and experience, that the driver was DUI. H

Intoxilyzer 9000 Breath Testing Forgeries – NBD

A recent article in the Denver Post details the discovery by DUI defense attorneys in Colorado that hundreds of “certifications” of Intoxilyzer 9000 machines have been forged. The Colorado state health lab is supposed to calibrate and tes

2016 DUI Case Results

2016 is just about over and things tend to slow down significantly in the courts around Christmas time. So, it is time to release the DUI case results for Norton Hare in 2016. It was a weird year in the Kansas DUI arena, with the Kansas Supreme Court

Kansas Ignition Interlock Device

Understanding the Confusing IID Requirements in KS Every Kansas DUI suspension is now followed by some period of restriction to driving only with an ignition interlock device, or IID. While limited restricted IID driving privileges can only be obtain

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