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Community Support Groups During Quarantine

For people who use AA/NA or other community support groups to help in their recovery, this is a difficult time. Groups of more than 10 people are banned in most places, and some communities are under shelter orders requiring everyone to stay home. So, attending meetings in person is not an option for many people. A close connection with AA and NA has kept a lot of people on the path to sobriety. This is a good time to stay in contact with sponsors and sober friends through phone calls, emails and social media. As for attending meetings, there are online options available.

-You can go to SMARTRecovery.org and sign up for meetings.

-NA Online and Phone meetings can be found by going to:  https://www.na.org/?ID=virtual_meetings.

-AA to: aa-ksdist23.org or calling 1-646-558-8665 (that includes those with landlines)

– There are 12-step meetings online. There’s a national online meeting through intherooms.com. They offer 130 weekly online meetings including all 12 step groups. 

https://tawasaa.com/ is holding online meetings through the Zoom App and you can receive a confirmation of attendance if needed for court.

I believe there are many other virtual meetings being set up around the country. So, for those who find it helpful, these are good ways to stay engaged in recovery during this crazy and trying time.

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