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Ignition Interlock Embarrassment

thirstblasterOne of the main issues that I have encountered with people who are required to put an ignition interlock in their car as a result of a Kansas DUI is that people are worried about pulling up to work or starting their car after work, or when picking up kids from school or otherwise driving in a public place and where people might see them have to blow into an ignition interlock device in order to start the car. People are worried that the device will be conspicuous. You can google images of ignition interlock devices and see that they are not that big – about the size of a cell phone – and they can easily slide under the seat of a car. The device that you blow in to can also be detached and stowed in the glove compartment or console.

However, there are now some products on the market that make blowing into an interlock device a whole lot less potentially embarrassing. In another entry to the long list of ideas I wish I would have thought of, there are now several companies making plastic cups that look like coffee cups or soda cups that fit over the ignition interlock device so that it just looks like you are having a refreshment when you blow.CoverCup smartstart-with-stealth

I don’t have anything to do with these companies, I just thought it was interesting and good information to know if you find yourself having to blow into an ignition interlock device. It seems like one could easily take a Starbuck’s cup or Soda cup and cut your own. Here are some companies offering these products for sale:




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