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Kansas DUI Book

I guess I failed to announce here that my book about Kansas DUI cases, “The Kansas DUI Manual: Everything You Need to Know to Handle Your Case, Navigate the System and Come Out Alive After a DUI Arrest” was published earlier this year and is available for download as an ebook from our website. Click here to get it for free. It can be read in Kindle, nook or as a pdf. It is also available from Amazon in print form. The book explains the law and potential penalites for a DUI, tells you what to do immediately after a DUI arrest, and has a whole lot of other information that hopefully will be useful to anyone accused of a DUI in Kansas or who has a loved one in that situation.

Excerpts from the blurb from Amazon: A Kansas DUI is a frightening and very serious situation that could have implications-legal, social, and financial-for years. Jay Norton, a veteran practicing primarily in the area of Kansas DUI, has some critical advice for those facing such charges.

The author leads off this book with a Top-Ten list someone facing a DUI should do a.s.a.p. Among the topics he covers are:

Kansas DUI law. Penalties for DUI and refusing DUI tests, After the arrest, What you should expect from your DUI attorney

Anyway, I hope the book is informative and helpful to anyone facing this situation. I have gotten good feedback about it so far and I hope to expand it and update it as time goes on. Information is power and one of the most frightening parts of facing a DUI is the fear of the unknown. Hopefully the book can assist in easing those fears and giving people the information and tools necessary to properly handling this situation.

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