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New Machines

I haven’t posted for a while. Things have been relatively quiet as far as Kansas DUI laws and news goes. Apparently, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, with the help of law enforcement officers from around Kansas, has decided to phase out the Intoxilyzer 5000 as the approved machine and begin using a different machine. I don’t know why that would be necessary since tens of thousands of Kansas have been convicted of DUI based on the results of this machine which the government has always told us was extremely accurate. Then why get the new and improved model? Anyway, the decision of which manufacturer and model to go with has been made but it is a secret right now. I don’t know why it is a secret. I guess if things don’t work out with the new manufacturer in terms of cutting a deal for a new batch of machines they can go to their second choice without anyone knowing it was the second choice. Whatever. The new machine should be rolled out by spring or summer 2006. Before that there will have to be a new protocol written for the machine, probably some amendments to the Kansas Administrative Regulations and maybe some legislation. It looks like the Intoxilyzer 5000 is no longer the superior technology it was touted to be and that machines all over the state will become boat anchors within the next year.

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