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Olathe DUI Checklane

It has been awhile since I wrote a blog post about a DUI checklane in Kansas City. They don’t happen as often as they did years ago, largely because everyone agrees that they are not very effective. However, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department and various cities in Johnson and Wyandotte County still get together to run checklanes from time to time. This one was on September 13, 2019. This Olathe DUI checkpoint stopped 99 cars full of people and charged 2 people with DUI. Even I can do the math on this one. That is about 2%. Of course, the 2 people charged are presumed innocent and may very well not get convicted, which means that the success rate would be 0%. I haven’t seen the numbers for this particular checklane, but usually there are 30-40 law enforcement officers involved. The location of this checklane is weird. That area of Dennis Avenue in Olathe does not get a lot of traffic, is not really close to any bars or entertainment district and is not known for having a lot of car accidents. It was also a weird time of night for a checklane and they shut it down before closing time.  So, go figure.

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