You Can Check Your Driver’s License Status Online

A brand new feature on the Kansas Department of Revenue website allows Kansas drivers to check the status of their driver’s license online. The link is found at in the vehicles section. This may be especially handy now since the new law passed as of July 1, 2011, which allows people who have previously been suspended due to a Kansas DUI to obtain a restricted license after 45 days of suspension, has created a lot of confusion. Thousands of suspended Kansas drivers filed the paperwork with the Department of Revenue (available here), to get the license which allows them to drive for work purposes with an ignition interlock device. The Department of Revenue is taking a while to get back to people with an answer about whether they can have the restricted license or not. In fact, it has taken about 45 days for most people to hear back from the KDR. What they receive is a letter that says they can go get the ignition interlock device installed. The letter has a section for the ignition interlock provider to fill out and fax to the Kansas Department of Revenue. I don’t know what happens then. I imagine that the KDR will send another letter that tells the person that they can drive as long as they have an ignition interlock device. Anyway, this new feature may be helpful to people who don’t know exactly where they are in that process, or whether they are suspended, revoked, cancelled, restricted or valid after a Kansas DUI suspension due to an administrative action or Kansas DUI conviction.

Remember, you cannot get the restricted license after 45 days of suspension if you are suspended for any other reason. The KDR will cash your $100.00 check (required to obtain retroactive application of the new law to an old suspension) and then send you a letter denying your application for a license to drive with an ignition interlock device. So, if you are also suspended because of an old unpaid traffic ticket, not having insurance, as a Habitual Violator, or for any other reason, you have to clear that up BEFORE you apply for the restricted license or you will have to pay the application fee again.

Finally,drivers who received a Kansas DUI while driving here on an out-of-state license can also check to see whether Kansas has suspended them, restricted them or otherwise taken action against their driving privileges. When a person with a license from another state gets cited for a DUI in Kansas, the Kansas Department of Revenue generates a Kansas driver’s license number for that person. That license number can be found on correspondence from the Department of Revenue. The person can then check to see whether Kansas has suspended them from driving in Kansas.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to say I am impressed with your blog, it is extremely informative! In your 2006 blog you said you believed people with pre July 1, 2006 dui's would still be able to have them expunged. I know the laws have changed, again, since then but was just curious if the courts have been expunging pre 2006 dui's? I am eligible to sit for the CPA test, but have lost so much sleep about whether to fill out the application and deal with the inevitable further detail or wait and hopefully get it expunged in 2012. Your response would be appreciated by me more than you would ever know, and potentially others too I would imagine! 🙂 I'm from Wichita btw.

  2. DUI Lawyer says:

    That's a great news. The drivers will be glad for sure.

  3. Jay Norton, Attorney at Law says:

    I think a lot of jurisdictions, especially municipal courts, grant diversions for Kansas DUI cases which occurred prior to 2006. The new law allows expungements of any Kansas DUI after 10 years have passed. But, you should be able to get a pre-2006 DUI expunged now.

  4. Duane says:

    I live in Kansas. I was convicted of my 3rd DUI in 2007 and I was suspended for ten years. When they changed the law, I applied to have my suspension modified and I was told yes I could go put any interlock device in a vehicle and have a restricted license. I went ahead and had that done a few days ago. Then I received a letter that now I have to have this device installed in my vehicle from 2/13/2012 to 2/13/2022. Thats ten years I have to have the device in my car to be able to drive. I am almost already 5 years in to my original suspension of 10 years that would have ended in 2017. This doesn’t make any sense to me. Now I am thinking I would have been better off to just “serve” the last 5 years of my original suspension and be out of the State’s hold on me. I mean I can expunge this DUI in 5 years yet I will still have to have a interlock device and a restricted license for 5 years after that expungement? Does that seem right to you? Is there anything I can do about the state now requiring me 10 years of interlock after I have already done almost 5 years of suspended license non driving?
    Thank you

    • Jay Norton says:

      Duane, there may be some things you can do to minimize the interlock requirement under the new law. You should talk to an attorney. I can’t give you legal advice in this forum. However, I can tell you under the law that you should only have a 10 year interlock requirement on a 5th or subsequent DUI and that if you have a 10 year interlock requirement you can petition the court for early termination of that requirement after 5 years. So, again, you should talk to a Kansas DUI lawyer about that.

  5. Duane says:

    Thanks Jay
    I called the Dept. of Revenue on Tuesday and it was their mistake..It’s only a 4 year interlock. The lady said its hard to keep up with the law changes and oops sorry. But can you imagine if I hadn’t have called?

    • Jay Norton says:

      Our system, and the many cogs in the machine, are run by human beings and mistakes get made occasionally. This is why I always recommend that a qualified Kansas DUI lawyer be hired in these cases because it can be very tricky and someone has got to make sure that all of the “t”s get crossed properly. I am glad you called and it worked out well for you.

  6. Tina Reed says:

    i got a dui about 2 years ago and i lost my license for 90 days and i need to go to dui classes to get them back and i have no way to go cause i have no license to drive there and i need to do classes online can i do that?

    • Jay Norton says:

      There has not been a 90 day suspension for a Kansas DUI as long as I have been practicing. Maybe in Missouri for a refusal. Anyway, I am not aware that any online course will be acceptable to whatever entity you have to try to please. Call them or your DUI lawyer.

  7. Natalie says:

    My boyfriend got 2 DUI’s in the same year and by the time he went for the 2nd one his license was already suspended from the 1st one. It’s been over a year since it was suspended. Is the restricted license 90 days per DUI? I would hate to send the state $100.00 if it is too soon for him to get his license back (restricted with interlock).

    • Jay Norton says:

      You should call the Department of Revenue. Based on what you are saying, he should be able to get the restricted license, but I don’t know all of the specifics of his situation. If it has not been 90 days, they will hold on to his application until he is eligible for the restricted license and then process it at that time.

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