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Kansas DUI Guide

Kansas DUI Law
Driving Under the Influence

Our law firm has put together this information to give an overview of the law and issues involved with a DUI case in Kansas. It must be stressed that none of the information contained in these documents should be construed as legal advice, nor does it create any attorney-client relationship between Norton Hare L.L.C. and the reader. We are providing it here purely for informational purposes regarding Kansas DUI. This information is copyrighted by Norton Hare L.L.C., and all rights therein are reserved. Do not download, copy, distribute or otherwise reproduce this information except in the form that it is presented here and with proper credit given to Norton Hare L.L.C.

Further, this information in no way represents the totality of the law and issues related to Driving Under the Influence in Kansas. It is but a brief overview. It is certainly no substitute for the advice of an attorney, and no person should undertake the awesome challenge of a Kansas DUI case without competent counsel. Also, the law is constantly evolving and changing. This information is accurate as of January 2013. Please check with an attorney

A Brief Guide to Kansas DUI Law

Table of Contents:

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