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How to Hire the Best Kansas DUI Lawyer, Pt. 4

WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT FROM YOUR KANSAS DUI ATTORNEY: 1. Answers to your questions when asked. 2. Prompt return of all telephone calls and emails. 3. That a copy of all police reports, videotapes, photographs and other evidence will be obtained by th

How to Hire the Best Kansas DUI Lawyer, Pt. 3

HOW TO DO IT RIGHT: 1. Word of mouth: This is the most effective form of advertising and should be one effective way to determine which lawyer can best represent you. Almost everybody knows someone who has been cited for DUI, and some of your acquain

How to Hire the Best Kansas DUI Lawyer, Pt. 2

COMMON MISTAKES IN SELECTING A KANSAS DUI ATTORNEY: 1. Hiring your friend, friend’s dad, or your real estate attorney to represent you for a Kansas DUI charge. Not just anybody with a law license can give you effective representation in a DUI c

How to Hire the Best Kansas DUI Lawyer Pt. 1

Because I have been kind of neglecting the blog lately, I thought I would post some information about how to hire an attorney to represent you in a Kansas DUI case.The internet is a good place to get information about DUI lawyers. Remember, though, w

So-Called Scientific Evidence

I just returned from the “Mastering Scientific Evidence” seminar in Dallas, Texas which was sponsored by the National College for DUI Defense. For 3 days I learned more about breath and blood tests than I already knew. Before the seminar

DUI Checklane Results

Apparently, the DUI checklane scheduled for Feb. 17 , 2006 was cancelled because it was cold that night. March 6, 2006, however, was a gorgeous night and a much more pleasant climate for conducting Kansas City’s first DUI checklane of the year.

New Machines

I haven’t posted for a while. Things have been relatively quiet as far as Kansas DUI laws and news goes. Apparently, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, with the help of law enforcement officers from around Kansas, has decided to p

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