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DUI Checklane Results

Apparently, the DUI checklane scheduled for Feb. 17 , 2006 was cancelled because it was cold that night. March 6, 2006, however, was a gorgeous night and a much more pleasant climate for conducting Kansas City’s first DUI checklane of the year.

New Machines

I haven’t posted for a while. Things have been relatively quiet as far as Kansas DUI laws and news goes. Apparently, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, with the help of law enforcement officers from around Kansas, has decided to p

Just in Case You Thought I Was Kidding

Here is a link to an article about what I was talking about in the last post. MADD wants the legal limit lowered even below .08. The idea is that, eventually, it will be illegal to have anything to drink before driving a car, despite the fact that a

Buzzed Driving?

The other day I was driving northbound on I-35, just past the on-ramp from Antioch, when I noticed a new billboard. It is white with big black letters that say “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving”. This billboard is sponsored by the National

Another Good Article

Here is another good article about how a DUI specialist can make the difference between a good outcome and a bad one. Lawyers all over the country are attacking the shaky science and fallacious assumptions that have formerly landed people in jail who

Buy the Best and Only Cry Once

I read an interesting article written by a journalist who served as a juror in a DUI case in Michigan recently. The author, like most people, went into the case with a “tough on DUI” stance, having faith in law enforcement “field so

Out of Control

If you don’t think things in the DUI world area little out f control, check out this story in the Kansas City alternative weekly “The Pitch“. It is the story of a gentleman whose body has been beaten up by doing hard work and who is

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