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Mission, Kansas is one of the smaller cities in Kansas, covering only 2.75 square miles, but what the city lacks in size it makes up for in DUI prosecution. A small part of Mission lies adjacent to Interstate 35 and the Mission Police Department usually has an officer out on the highway conducting traffic enforcement. Consistently, Mission Police officers will stop drivers for speeding on I-35, often coming home from the Power & Light District or Westport, investigate them for DUI and then proceed to charge them with a DUI in Mission Municipal Court.

Mission is also the favorite spot in Johnson County, Kansas for DUI checklanes. In the spring and summer, you can expect on any given weekend to find a Mission DUI checklane set up in the area of Shawnee Mission Parkway and Lamar to ensnare drivers coming from the Plaza and Westport back into Johnson County. Because the numbers of DUI arrests from a Mission, KS checkpoint are so much higher than the numbers obtained in other cities where checklanes are conducted, Mission is frequently requested to host these events. Working in partnership with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department and the Kansas Highway Patrol, as well as using officers from other jurisdictions, the Mission Police Department will have about 35 police officers on hand to stop cars, test drivers and make DUI arrests. If charged as a result of a DUI checklane in Mission, Kansas, the case will be prosecuted in the Mission Municipal Court even if it was a sheriff’s deputy or an officer from another jurisdiction who conducted the DUI investigation and made the arrest.

What few drinking establishments there are in Mission, Kansas all seem to be clustered fairly close together. In addition to conducting DUI enforcement out on the highway, and running checkpoints within the city, the Mission Police also patrol the business district along Johnson Drive looking for DUI’s. Frequently, the police will watch the parking lot which includes the Claret Club and Lucky Brewgrille. When drivers commit traffic infractions leaving the parking lot, the police will make a stop and investigate whether the driver has been drinking. A lot of Mission DUI cases stem from this area of the city.

The Municipal Court of Mission usually conducts court on Tuesday Mornings and Thursday evenings. Trials are held on Thursday nights. The fines and fees for those convicted of a DUI in Mission are consistent with those of other cities in Johnson County.

If you get charged with a DUI in Mission, Kansas, you need a Mission DUI attorney who has experience with that court and its procedures.

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