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DUI in Olathe, Kansas
Driving Under the Influence
Olathe, Kansas Court Website

Olathe, Kansas Municipal Court
1200 South Harrison
Olathe, Kansas 66061
(913) 971-7564

The Olathe Municipal Court has one full time judge and one part-time judge. The City Prosecutor’s Office generally has four prosecutors on staff. Olathe is also unique in that it has its own Court Services Department, which means that if you are on diversion or probation in Olathe Municipal Court for a DUI or other offense you will report to Olathe Court Services for monitoring, supervision and the testing of bodily fluids. For Olathe DUI cases that end up in a diversion or probation, you will be placed on the “Color Code” system which requires a telephone call everyday to determine whether you will need to submit to a urine test.

The Olathe Municipal Court requires a pre-sentence investigation (PSI) for DUI convictions in addition to a substance abuse evaluation. The PSI is done by Olathe Court Services and determines what a DUI probation will require of a person.

Olathe has an “attorney plea docket” on Friday mornings in which lawyers can meet with the prosecutors to discuss cases and then usually you have to go see the judge. Clients are usually not required to appear with their attorneys on these Friday dockets unless the case is going to be resolved. If the case is set for a trial, it will be set on one of the other days of the week. Diversions are scheduled for other days of the week and require the defendant to appear with their lawyer, sign the diversion agreement, pay the fines and then meet with the Olathe Court Services officer to begin diversion and color code monitoring. A urine test will be required that day.

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