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Prairie Village

DUI in Prairie Village, Kansas
Driving Under the Influence
Prairie Village, Kansas Court Website

Prairie Village, Kansas Municipal Court
7700 Mission Road
Prairie Village, Kansas 66208
(913) 385-4680

Prairie Village has been very active with DUI cases for the past several years. Officers are often on patrol in the area of 75th Street and Mission, the Prairie Village Shopping Center and along State Line in Mission Hills.

The Prairie Village Police Department also patrols the City of Mission Hills, Kansas. So, your DUI case may be in Prairie Village or Mission Hills Municipal Court depending on where you were stopped. The courts are both held at the same place, but on different nights. Prairie Village Municipal Court usually tries DUI cases on Thursday nights, while Mission Hills tries DUI cases on Tuesday nights.

There are two part-time judges in Prairie Village and one part-time prosecutor. A diversion for Prairie Village DUI case will require a substance abuse evaluation and will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000.00.

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