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DUI in Westwood, Kansas
Driving Under the Influence
Westwood, Kansas Court Website

Westwood, Kansas Municipal Court
4700 Rainbow Boulevard
Westwood, Kansas 66205
(913) 362-3737

Westwood Municipal Court is also the home of Westwood Hills and Mission Woods Municipal Courts. All three cities are patrolled by the Westwood Police Department and all three prosecute DUI cases in the same place, although there is a different prosecutor for Westwood Hills and Mission Woods. So, it is important to look at a DUI ticket and determine in which city a person is charged. Court for all three cities is held on Friday mornings, when attorneys can meet with the prosecutor and discuss DUI cases. If there is going to be a trial, it is usually held after all of the other cases on Friday morning. The same judge hears cases for all three cities.

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