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  1. Some States Ban DUI Checklanes
  2. Traveling to Canada with a Kansas DUI
  3. 2018 DUI Case Results
  4. New Kansas DUI Laws Coming in 2018
  5. Refusal of a PBT Declared Unconstitutional
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  7. 2017 DUI Case Results
  8. The Cost/Benefit of Hiring a DUI Lawyer
  9. Driving Under the Influence of …. Coffee
  10. Intoxilyzer 9000 Breath Testing Forgeries – NBD
  11. Can you get arrested for a DUI in Kansas if you weren’t driving?
  12. 2016 DUI Case Results
  13. Defenses Against DUI Blood Tests in Kansas
  14. KS DUI Laws Include Prescription Drugs
  15. What Are Your Rights When Pulled Over by KS Police?
  16. Holiday Season is also DUI Season
  17. Kansas Ignition Interlock Device
  18. Kansas Hardship License
  19. What You Need to Know about DUI Checkpoints
  20. Can I Own a Firearm After a DUI Conviction in Kansas?
  21. DUI Penalties For Kansas Commercial Driver’s License Holders
  22. How to Find the Best DUI Attorney
  23. 2015 Case Results
  24. Jay Norton Releases New Book: The Art of War for Criminal Defense Attorneys
  25. US Supreme Court to Decide DUI Refusal Issue
  26. Online Applications Now Available at the Kansas Department of Revenue Website
  27. Ignition Interlock Embarrassment
  28. New Law on Expungement of a Kansas DUI
  29. How to Find the Right DUI Lawyer
  30. Guest Post: MADD, the Interlock Industry and the Future of DUI
  31. Diet Soda Mixers Make You Drunker
  32. Kansas Highway Patrol DUI Arrests Way Down
  33. Study Reveals that Ignition Interlock Devices Don’t Do Any Good
  34. Manhattan, KS Police Decide to Hide the Truth
  35. 2014 Kansas DUI Case Results
  36. Nevada Strikes Down Implied Consent Law
  37. Win in the Kansas Supreme Court
  38. Administrative Driver’s License Suspension Hearings May Actually be Important
  39. 20 Questions to Ask Your Kansas DUI Lawyer
  40. Kansas DUI Expungement Time May Get Reduced
  41. Jay Norton Arguing Before the Kansas Supreme Court
  42. 2013 Case Results
  43. Creepy Roadblock
  44. High School Girl Punished by School for Being Designated Driver
  45. Kansas DUI Book
  46. Mugshots And Morals
  47. Shawnee DUI Checklane Fail
  48. City of Mission Cavity Search of Young Mom for No Reason
  49. Driving Under the Influence of … Music
  50. Not High But Still DUI
  51. DUI Cops Lying About Arrests for Money
  52. Facebook Post Earns Teen An Arrest
  53. Blowing Under Legal Limit is Not Good Enough
  54. Missouri v. McNeely
  55. Trooper of the Year Falsified Dozens of DUI Arrests
  56. 2012 Kansas DUI Case Results
  57. Arrested for DUI in Kansas – Now What?
  58. Criminal Background Checks After a Kansas DUI
  59. Norton Hare Named to SuperLawyers Again
  60. Jay Norton Named “Best of the Bar” 2012
  61. Possession of Marijuana in Kansas
  62. How the Media and Mob Mentality has Filled the Prisons
  63. Oops! 50,000 Cases in Question
  64. New Kansas DUI Law – Refusing a Breath Test
  65. Article about Refusal of a Test in Kansas
  66. Forced Catheterization – You Will Comply
  67. Bend Over
  68. Criminalizing Refusals Finally Gets Some Ink
  69. Prison Escape Underscores Problem
  70. Kansas to Create New DUI Crime
  71. Hundreds of DUI Cases May be Tossed in San Francisco
  72. Travel to Canada with a DUI
  73. A Win in the Kansas Supreme Court
  74. Driving Under the Influence of a Cold
  75. Mandatory Ignition Interlock Devices for All Cars
  76. 2011 Case Results and Wrap-Up
  77. DUI Checklanes Don’t Work in Shawnee County Either
  78. Local Article on DUI Checklanes in Kansas City
  79. Intoxilyzer Machine Giving Results that are Humanly Impossible
  80. Something Smells Funny
  81. Attorney Discusses the Cost of a DUI in 2011
  82. You Can Check Your Driver’s License Status Online
  83. Houston Crime Lab Supervisor Quits Over Accuracy of Breath Tests
  84. Olathe DUI Checkpoint = Massive Fail
  85. Government Should Fear the People Not the Other Way Around
  86. New Kansas DUI Law July 1, 2011
  87. Ohio Judge Bans Intoxilyzer 8000 Evidence
  88. Breath Test Machine Problems in Vermont
  89. Another Breath Testing Scandal
  90. Kansas Prosecutor Says Intoxilyzer is not Good Enough for Court
  91. Another Reason to Hire a Good Attorney the First Time
  92. The Money is Real
  93. Kansas City Police Celebrate Christmas on St. Patty’s Day
  94. Breathing Pattern Affects Breath Test Result
  95. Failed Breathalyzer in Philly
  96. To Err is Human
  97. DC Breathaliars and the Fallacy of the Legal Limit
  98. Weird Science
  99. New Kansas DUI Laws Coming
  100. Intoxilyzer Machine was Wrong for 10 Years
  101. 2010 DUI Case Results
  102. Wonder Bread Causes False Positive Breath Test
  103. Politician Falsely Accused of DUI
  104. SR-22 and Kansas DUI
  105. Kansas CDL’s and DUI
  106. DUI Debate Rages On
  107. Intoxilyzer 8000 – Not So Great
  108. Minnesota “Scientists’ Blow it on 111 Urine Tests
  109. MADD Urging Mandatory Interlock for Everybody
  110. New Kansas DUI Law, and Other Mysteries of Big Government
  111. The Intoxilyzer’s Source Code Must be Revealed…
  112. Update to Washington DC Intoxilyzers Situation
  113. Jay Norton Quoted in Lawyers USA
  114. Measuring Uncertainty and Why it is Important
  115. Police Break Man’s Leg Trying to get his Blood
  116. Harsher Kansas DUI Laws Coming
  117. Washington, DC Intoxilyzers are Inaccurate
  118. How to Convince People to Drive Drunk
  119. The Problem with Law Enforcement Labs
  120. Drive, Walk or Take a Cab?
  121. Harsher Kansas DUI Laws Are Not Working
  122. Missouri to Make Laws Harsher
  123. Facebook MIP
  124. 2009 Kansas DUI Results
  125. 2008 Kansas DUI and Missouri DWI Results
  126. 2007 Kansas DUI Case Results
  127. The Power of Video
  128. Drunk With Power
  129. DUI Conviction Will Prevent Entry to Canada
  130. Out of Control (Again)
  131. “The Kilogram” – Doing Some Math
  132. Not One, But Three Failed Checklanes in One Night
  133. MIssouri Passes Interlock Law
  134. Drive-Through DUI
  135. We’re Not in Kansas Anymore – DUI Limits Around the World
  136. Hiring the Best DUI Lawyer
  137. CEO of MADD Becomes CEO of NHTSA
  138. Kansas DUI Laws Getting Harsher (Again)
  139. Vampires?
  140. New Offices
  141. More Changes to DUI Laws in Kansas
  142. How to Tell If You Are Over the Limit
  143. Field Drug Tests Don’t Work – Neither Do Breath Tests
  144. Administrative Hearings in California are Rigged
  145. More Fudging of Breath Test Accuracy
  146. Why We Fight Kansas DUI and Missouri DWI Cases
  147. Fudging Breathalyzer Accuracy
  148. Ohio Police Caught Cheating on DUI Exam
  149. 2007 NHTSA Statistics Released
  150. Watch Your Myspace and Facebook Pages
  151. Field “Sobriety” Tests are Ridiculous
  152. Should You Drink With Your Kids?
  153. Effectiveness of DUI Checkpoints Questioned
  154. Missouri BWI Catches Up with DWI
  155. Missouri Passes Interlock Law
  156. The DUI Treadmill
  157. Over the Top Shock Tactics
  158. Kansas SuperLawyers
  159. Your Papers (and Arm), Please
  160. Smoking Ban Causing More DUI Fatalities
  161. The End of DUI?
  162. Minor in Possession (MIP) in Kansas
  163. Big Brother Comes to KC
  164. The True Cost of a DUI (Again)
  165. Overland Park Checklane
  166. How Much Will My DUI Cost?
  167. 4th Time DUI = Prison
  168. We See What We Want to See
  169. DUI Saturation Patrol March 14
  170. US Incarceration Rate is Highest Ever
  171. What it Really Costs to Plead Guilty to DUI
  172. Colleges Rejecting Kids with Convictions
  173. Help For Those Who Need It
  174. 2 Frightening DUI Stories on the Same Day
  175. Technology Wars
  176. Checklanes
  177. R.I.P. Richard Jewell
  178. Neighborhood Approach to DUI
  179. Drunk Driving Deaths Rise in Kansas
  180. Kansas & Missouri DUI Crackdown
  181. Kansas Checklanes No Better than Missouri
  182. Top 10 Ways to Prove You Are Not DUI
  183. Top 10 Ways to Beat Field Sobriety Tests
  184. Top 10 Ways to Beat a Breath Test in Kansas
  185. I Can’t Help It – Another Failed Checklane
  186. Big Changes to DUI Laws
  187. More Checkpoint Number Crunching
  188. Medication May Cause Alcohol Craving
  189. St. Patrick’s Checklanes
  190. Failure to Maintain a Single Lane
  191. Hypocrisy
  192. You Can Drive a Moped if You are Suspended
  193. SuperLawyers again
  194. Recent News and Sci-Fi DUI
  195. Constitution Does Not Apply to License Hearing
  196. GHB, Date Rape and DUI
  197. The Numbers Don’t Add Up
  198. No More DUI Expungements
  199. Kansas Minor in Possession (MIP) Case
  200. Johnson County Checklane
  201. New Breath Test Machine
  202. How to Hire the Best Kansas DUI Lawyer, Pt. 4
  203. How to Hire the Best Kansas DUI Lawyer, Pt. 3
  204. How to Hire the Best Kansas DUI Lawyer, Pt. 2
  205. How to Hire the Best Kansas DUI Lawyer Pt. 1
  206. So-Called Scientific Evidence
  207. DUI Checklane Results
  208. Drunk Driving Roadblock in KCMO
  209. New Machines
  210. Just in Case You Thought I Was Kidding
  211. Buzzed Driving?
  212. Another Good Article
  213. Buy the Best and Only Cry Once
  214. Out of Control
  215. This is Your Life
  216. DUI on a Horse? Of Course!
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